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Enter a Career in Healthcare as a Radiological Technologist!

Computed Tomography professionals play a vital role in healthcare. This specialized x-ray equipment is a frontline diagnostic tool and is often the first choice of imaging because of its accuracy. With your LB iLearn Computed Tomography Certificate, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of anatomy & physiology
  • Gain knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy
  • Learn proper radiation safety

Upon completion, you will be able to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with various illnesses while ensuring the safety and well-being of those patients.

This program is designed for individuals who have already earned their ARRT certification and work in the diagnostic imaging field.

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Our CAT 233 course is approved to be worth 36 didactic credits with ARRT, exceeding their required 16 didactic credits.

How Can LB iLearn Help Get You Licensed?

The Oregon Board of Medical Imaging requires all Radiological Technologists performing Computed Tomography examinations to be licensed. To become licensed, you must pass the ARRT Computed Tomography certification exam. To be eligible to sit for the exam, registered Radiological Technologists must complete educational hours and clinical hours.

The Computed Tomography program at LB iLearn focuses on:

  • Educational requirements
  • Basic principles
  • Patient care
  • Imaging procedures & sectional anatomy
  • Computed Tomography physics

Upon program completion, you will be prepared to pass all the qualifications and exams and obtain the certification necessary to become a Computed Tomography Scanning Technologist.


CAT 230: Introduction to Basic Principles of Computed Tomography, 1 credit


CAT 231: Introduction to Patient Care and Assessment for CT, 3 credits


CAT 232: Imaging Procedures and Sectional Anatomy for CT, 4 credits


CAT 233: Introduction to Physics and Instrumentation of CT, 4 credits/36 CE