• Benton County Resident (if you dont live in Benton County, contact your local WorkSource provider)
  • Enrolled in ETPL Program
  • Preference to those who plan to graduate/complete June 2017. Students early or mid-program are also encouraged to apply. Unsure about students who are applying currently.
  • From Angeline Chan-Pepper at ResCare: “…available to eligible and appropriate participants on the basis of an individualized assessment of the person’s job readiness, employment and training needs, financial, social and supportive needs, labor market demand and potential for successful completion.””
  • Contact Michael Davis at ResCare/Worksource Oregon (before completing following steps)
  • Enroll with iMatch/OED
  • Complete NCRC testing at Albany Worksource. Offered 1x per week. Duration: 3.5-4 hrs.
  • Complete two informational interviews with people in prospective field.
  • Complete a budget form
  • Complete essay questions
  • Provide verification of identity (including social security card)
  • Provide additional verification docs, if applicable (Unemployment, TANF, Veteran, etc.). Note: status on these items does not seem to necessarily impact eligibility. 
  • Up to $3,500
  • Pay out by end of June 2017
  • Can be spread over multiple terms
  • Available for training, training-related fees, supplies and books
  • From Angeline Chan-Pepper at ResCare“WIOA funds are intended to provide training services in instances when there is no grant assistance or insufficient assistance from other sources such as Federal Pell Grants, GI Bill, Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon Promise, etc. to pay the costs of training or require assistance beyond available grant resources. The funds are not entitlements…”
Other Resources from ResCare/Worksource:
  • Job Search help (aka “Unsubsidized” Services)
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Workshops (Resume Creation, Interview Skills, Skills for Job Success, Social Media Job Search)
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